Adapting your bathroom for wheelchair use

If you find that you or a family member need to start using a frame or wheelchair to get around then you may need to do some adaptions to your home in order to make it suitable. Inside your home anywhere there is level changes may cause an issue, so a step up or down into another room may need to be changed in to a gradualslop by using a ramp.

 Bathroomscan often be quite small and leave little room for manoeuvring. It is importantthat the person using the bathroom have the opportunity to be able to accessthe bath or shower along with the sink and toilet. If someone is going to be ina wheelchair permanently or for some time you may need to lower the sink heightso that they can reach it.

If the bathroom is currently located upstairs then installing a downstairs bathroom or wet room may be the best solution. Wet rooms are ideal as you do not have to have the constraints of a shower cubical or bath taking up a lot of the room. There can often be a seat installed under the shower head to allow the person to move from their wheelchair to the are with ease.

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