Cheap And Easy DIY That Give Your Bathroom A Unique Touch

Our bathrooms, we all want them to be unique and stand out whilst still serving their purpose. But not all of us have spare money to spend on giving our bathrooms these unique and trendy touches. That is why today we are going to share with you some cheap and easy DIY projects you can complete at home, that will give your bathroom the unique touch you desire.

1- Mason Jar Storage
A trend for every room of your house is using mason jars as storage solutions. This does not stop in your bathroom. Simply purchase some mason jars, or reuse old ones. Paint them up to a colour of your choice, leave them plain or decorate them how you want them to be. Store whatever you desire in them. This will give your bathroom a unique and personalised touch.

2- Coloured Bathroom Cabinets
Coloured cabinets are highly on trend right now, but purchasing them outright can be expensive. A way to DIY this is to simply purchase some coloured paint. Paint your cabinets yourself in your own colour choice, bringing that pop of colour to your bathroom. Remember to check that your paint can be used on the material of your current cabinets.

3- Storage Ladder
Another popular storage choice for bathrooms is a storage ladder. This is essentially using a shelving unit that resembles a ladder for storage. This can be simply made with some pieces of leftover palette wood for a rustic feel. Or you can purchase them for lower prices secondhand from places like Facebook or eBay, as well as Amazon.

These are our top three-bathroom design trends that you can easily DIY. Making it easy for your bathroom to stay on trend without needing to cost you a fortune. Share some of your favourite DIY bathroom designs with us in the comments below!

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