Benefits of Walk-In Showers


Walk-In showers are currently a popular trend for bathroom interior design. Before following the trend you must know both the benefits and disadvantages of these showers. Today, we are going to share with you three benefits of walk-in showers. Adaptation With walk-in showers, it is easy for interior designers to adapt these to fit any ….  Read More

Adding a bathroom to add value

If you are in the process of selling your home and you only have one bathroom then you may consider adding another one. Having a bathroom upstairs and downstairs can often make a house more saleable as people like the fact of having both, especially when visitors are round as it means they do not ….  Read More

Using Wooden Beams in a Bathroom

A bathroom is a damp environment and it won’t necessarily mix with all materials. However, wooden beams can add a lot of character and it would be a shame not to include them in the design of your bathroom if this is something you want to do. The main thing to remember is to use ….  Read More

Choosing New Taps for a Bathroom Sink

Taps are functional, but can also be beautiful. You will usually have two-three sets of taps in a bathroom – one on the sink, one of the bathtub and, if it is separate, one set on the shows. If at all possible, you should make sure these taps match so as to create a unified ….  Read More

Buying Custom Milled Wood and Sleepers

One of the biggest challenges when buying wooden products, especially if you are shopping online, can be getting the right size. All properties will have different requirements in terms of size and the space available, so you need to find beams, sleepers etc. that are a perfect fit. One way to overcome this issue is ….  Read More